Jared E. Cmaidalka

Jared E. Cmaidalka, Attorney

Intellectual Property

Jared counsels and assists clients on all aspects of IP law. Jared has extensive experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications as well as opinion work dealing with patentability, infringement and invalidity. His practice focuses on a wide range of technologies, including industrial resins, chemicals, mining, paper products, fertilizers, downhole tools, drilling fluids, catalysts, refining, petrochemicals, gasification, ammonia, polymers and plastics. Prior to his legal career, Jared spent 10 years as a research assistant at the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston focused on the syntheses and characterization of superconducting compounds that produced over 30 peer reviewed and published scientific articles.

State Bar of Texas
United States Patent and Trademark Office

Houston Intellectual Property Law Association

University of Houston, LL.M. in Intellectual Property and Information Law
South Texas College of Law, J.D.
University of Houston, B.S. Chemistry, minor in Physics

A representative list of refereed publications accepted in scientific journals:

Field-induced Resistive Switching in Metal-oxide Interfaces, S. Tsui, A. Baikalov, J. Cmaidalka, Y. Y. Sun, Y. Q. Wang, and Y. Y. Xue, C.W. Chu, L. Chen and A. J. Jacobson, Appl. Phys. Lett., 85 (2004) 317.
Water Content and Superconductivity in Na0.3CoO2 · yH2O, J. Cmaidalka, A. Baikalov, Y.Y. Xue, R.L. Meng, C.W. Chu, Physica C 403 (2004) 125.
The First Nicotinate Zwitterions Self-Assembled into 2D Herringbone Networks Via Hydrogen-bonding and Sandwiched with Polyiodide Species, Jack Y. Lu, Yaping Zhang and Jared E. Cmaidalka, CrystEngComm 4(39) (2002) 213.
Study of Binary and Pseudo-binary Intermetallic Compounds with AlB2 Structure, R. L. Meng, B. Lorenz, Y. S. Wang, J. Cmaidalka, Y. Y. Sun, Y. Y. Xue, J. K. Meen and C. W. Chu, Physica C 382 (2002) 113.
Tape Processing of HBCCO, BSCCO, and YBCO Thick Films on Metallic Substrates with High JC by the Spray/Compress Technique, R. L. Meng, D. Pham, Y. Q. Wang, J. Cmaidalka, J. Otto, B. R. Hickey, J. Hildebrand, Y. Y. Sun, Y. Y. Xue and C. W. Chu, Physica C 341 (2000) 2315.

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